Cookie Policy

Last Updated: 3.6.2020

Win.Bingo uses cookies to improve your user experience and to collect information for analysis and marketing.

What are cookies?
Cookies are a small text file – typically less than 4kb in size – that are stored on your computer after visiting a website. They are used mostly for remembering a user’s preferences when using the site.

At Win.Bingo, we will alert you to the use of cookies on your first visit with a browser notification, and further updates will be provided on this policy page.

If you continue to use the website, this will be taken as consent for the use of cookies. However, if you would prefer to opt-out or delete all cookies, see below.

How to Opt-Out of Cookies/Delete Them Completely?
At any point, while using our service, you are at liberty to prevent the use of cookies or other similar tracking devices. Cookies can be restricted, blocked or deleted from any website through your preferred browser settings. See below for the relevant guides for the most popular browsers:

Internet Explorer (
Google Chrome (
● Safari (
● Firefox (

If you decline the download of cookies from our website, please be aware that some aspects of the service may not work or will not be accessible.

How We Use Cookies
The following cookies are used throughout the site:

Strictly necessary cookies
These cookies are used to operate our service and allow you to navigate our website and use the features. For example, when accessing secure areas of the site. If these cookies were not in use, then, key services could not be provided.

Functionality cookies
These cookies help us to remember your choices and preferences, allowing us to provide an enhanced and personal experience. Such cookies remember font size, fonts, and any other aspects of the website, which are customisable.

Performances Cookies
These cookies collect information regarding how users use the website, including, but not limited to, which pages users access most, count visits by users and identify traffic sources. This helps us to understand user traffic through the site and which pages are the most popular. All information collected by performance cookies is aggregated and anonymous.

Targeting Cookies
Third-party advertising partners place these cookies. We are not responsible for the information collected in this regard. Targeting cookies can limit the number of times you may see an advert online and can be used to identify the effectiveness of an advertising campaign.

What are the Cookies Used for?
Win.Bingo uses cookies to improve the use of our website, allowing us to personalise and tailor your experience. Cookies also help us manage the performance of our website and enable the identification of where improvements can be made, for instance, if you saw an error message while browsing.

Notification of Changes
Following an update to this Cookie Policy, we will notify you of any changes via the posting of the new Cookie Policy on this page. Changes will take effect the moment the new policy is posted.

Please be advised to review the Cookie Policy periodically for any changes.