Bingo Site

Bingo might have started in Italy in the 16th century, but it’s become an increasingly popular pastime in the UK. Legend has it; the very name ‘Bingo’ comes from the early British slang of customs officers who shouted the phrase after a successful search. In the 20th century, the game became increasingly popular at carnivals and fairs. Eventually, the sound of ‘bingo’ was heard in halls across the nation, which had popped up to cater to the growing crowd of enthusiasts, hoping to make big wins on a Friday night.


But don’t presume that bingo is just for generations past! The game is edge-of-the-seat exciting, as you sit in anticipation, waiting for the next number to be called out, hoping you can cross off a row. It’s no wonder the game became such an essential part of British culture.


In recent years, bingo went digital, with countless casinos and gambling sites cashing in on the fun. In the UK, the market is worth millions, and many sites are attempting to make easy money swindling honest gamblers and bingo enthusiasts. That’s why it’s vital to play on regulated bingo sites, even sticking to UK sites, where laws and regulations are in place to ensure you can gamble responsibly.


Keep your eyes peeled for sites using similar names to big brands, more often than not, this will be a scam site. However, don’t be put off using a new bingo site. As many are regulated by the UK gambling commission – a legal requirement for accepting UK players. What you need is a way to work out the difference between the pros and cons. Thankfully, we’re here to help!


Payment Methods

You remember the old saying, to make money, you’ve got to spend money. That’s bingo in a nutshell. So, to play, you’re going to need to choose a way to place your deposit and withdraw money from your online account. There are dozens of payment options now available to UK players, with most sites offering at least 4 or 5 different payment methods. These include:


● Visa: One of the most popular payment methods is the use of a Visa debit card. Visa is a reputable worldwide company, and the use of debit cards makes depositing and withdrawing money an absolute breeze.
● Mastercard: A popular payment method with bingo players, the company is one of the largest cashless banking firms in the world. Also, as your card is linked to your bank account, keeping track of online payments is easy.
● PayPal: The leading internet payment company. PayPal is a fast and easy-to-use alternative to debit cards. Simply set up an account, and you’ll never need to give your card details to any site.
● Skrill: A UK-based service which allows payments and money transfers. For bingo sites, all you’ll need is an email and a password.
● Neteller: A global online payments provider which has over 23 million account holders worldwide. Easy to use when funding and withdrawing from an online bingo account, and most bingo sites now have it listed as a preferred payment method.
● Apple Pay: The new kid on the block. Apple Pay is a mobile payment and digital e-wallet which mirrors a debit card transaction. It is now an increasingly popular method of payment at bingo sites.
● Pay by Phone Bill: Simply deposit funds into your online bingo account by entering the number of registered mobile phones. The payment will pass through a carrier billing platform, allowing it to be added to your monthly phone contract or be deducted from a pre-paid mobile phone.

Games Available

Many sites offer a variety of online bingo rooms for you to enjoy. Typically, these vary based on the jackpot up for grabs—for instance, weekly jackpots, mystery jackpots, or others jackpots. There are also VIP rooms, 52-ball bingo, and even free bingo rooms where you can hone your craft. Some sites even offer themed bingo games so that you can mix it up depending on your mood. Plus, at many of the sites, there is a range of other games for you to enjoy! So, get your cards ready, and your voice primed, ready to shout bingo!